230Z was the second highest selling heifer at the 2013 Cooper Hereford production sale. She is an exceptional female that we will be breeding to 105Y. She will be the initial platform for the embryo transfer work we plan to start in the spring of 2014 after her first calf.  

Dams of Distinction 

According to the American Hereford Association, a Dam of Distinction is described as the following:
“The job description for an ideal Hereford cow could be as follows: She should produce a healthy, growthy calf every year; she should calve as a two-year-old, and she should cause her owner absolutely no problems. These ideal cows are recognized as Dams of Distinction. A Dam of Distinction is the standard by which all Hereford cows can be judged.”

LF Advance Star Dominet 4009D

Churchill Lady 337

LF Advance Star Dominet 4009D

LF Miss Diamond Girl1 1024


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