“A Family Affair – Since 1893”

Henry J. and Alafair LeForce homesteaded in the Oklahoma Cherokee Outlet land run of 1893. Five years later the couple purchased their first registered Hereford bull and for the last 100 years the LeForce family has maintained their faith in the Hereford breed and currently has a herd of 250 registered Hereford cows.

Henry J. started buying Herefords in the late 1800s. They wintered so much better than the rest of the herd that the other cattle were replaced with the hardy whitefaces, which have been found in majority ever since on LeForce land. Herefords have always performed well and have given the ranch what it was looking for over the years, and have remained our breed of choice. J.M. Winter of Irving, Kan., transferred ownership of Hereford bull, Van, No. 74560, in 1898, commemorating the first LeForce Hereford registration. From then on, Henry J. raised, registered and sold Hereford cattle to neighboring farmers. Two of Henry J’s sons — C.W. (Ceph) and Will — started feeding out their home-grown steers when they were in their teens. They’d drive the steers on hoof 10 miles to the railhead cattle pens at Pond Creek to load on boxcars. From there the cattle would ship to Wichita, Kan., or Kansas City, Mo., where the steers were sold via commission company to a packer.

The reins of LeForce Herefords were passed on to Ceph after Henry J. passed in 1927. Over the years Ceph added to the land holdings his father had left him and grew the herd from 200 to 400 head under the name CW LeForce and Sons. At the age of 14, Ceph’s son, Henry S., had already assumed much responsibility on the ranch. He would take the train with a load of steers to Kansas City, Mo., riding in the caboose. Upon arrival, he picked up the commission company check and carried it back to his father by way of a passenger train headed for Pond Creek. Henry S. went away to Oklahoma A&M College, but returned to the ranch upon graduation in 1938. He and his wife, Betty Ann, carried on the family tradition of raising registered Herefords.  Their sons, Henry C and Ben were quickly taught how to exhibit Hereford cattle and were active showmen in 4-H and FFA.

Henry S. started expanding the Hereford herd in the early ’80s and had always dreamed of hosting a production sale, but passed only six months before it became a reality. The family hosted its first LeForce Hereford Production Sale in 1991 to bring his vision to life.



Over the years the ranch has also been one of the stops for the Oklahoma Hereford Tour, Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Tour, Kansas Hereford Tour, and has hosted an Oklahoma Junior Hereford Association Field Day. Throughout the 100 plus year history of the ranch, the family has shown Herefords in local, district and state shows, as well as at the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo., and the National Western Stock Show in Denver.
The fifth generation, Randy, Jeff, and Jennifer (Henry C and Billie Jayne’s children) are continuing the ranching tradition. Our current herd is comprised of 250 registered Hereford cows. Herd sires are sourced primarily from Cooper Herefords, Churchill Herefords, and Holden Herefords in Montana in order to maintain a strong Line 1 influence. We are committed to providing quality bulls and females to our customers. In order to accomplish the goal of calving ease, growth and carcass merit within our herd we have implemented extensive AI work and utilize embryo transfer to provide a proven product to our customers. Holding to the dream of Henry S., we currently hold an annual sale every November on the Friday before Thanksgiving.
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